Monday, February 28, 2011

Nothing but the Bug of Jesus? And the Most Important Person in the US Govt

One of our favorite CDs is a Christmas gift we received from my sister called I'll Fly Away: Country Hymns and Songs of Praise and the song we really love is song no. 10 - Nothing But The Blood of Jesus by Ronnie Freeman. (I included the song number because Isaac seriously remembers all the song numbers of the CDs we have in our car so some of our favorite ones are etched in my mind.) Anyway, we were listening to the song and singing along to it again today as we drove up to the Peak for our balloon release for Rachel and after we got off the car, Abigail said, "I really like 'Nothing but the Bud of Jesus' but I don't like Buzz." I went "Huh?" After repeating that she doesn't like "Buzz" a few times, she finally said, "I don't like Bumblebees! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!" So now I am wondering if she thinks the song is called "Nothing but the Bug of Jesus?!??" :D

Another sweet thing that happened today. My friend and I participated in Isaac's class today to teach about different cultures as Small World Christian Kindergarten will be celebrating its annual Day of Culture this Friday. We were teaching about the United States of America and we decided to teach a bit about the U.S. Government and democracy. So we were getting ready to talk about the President and how he is elected and I started with the question "Do you guys know who is the most important person in the U.S. Government?" And I swear, Isaac's entire class, in unison, shouted, in all earnest, "GOD!" That made my heart smile. :) And of course made me love Small World and early childhood Christian education even more!

By the way, to illustrate democracy, we had the children fill out ballots to vote for Lay's Potato Chips or Oreo Cookies as a snack. I will take guesses as to which snack won the day and reveal the answer in the comments section later. If you live in Hong Kong and you made the right guess before I reveal the answer, I will send you a free sample of Gummy Vitamins or Gummy DHA as a prize! :D


  1. I love that God response. If only our leaders would acknowledge that every single day!

    Thanks for making it possible for me to comment!

    Have a wonderful day! Rowena

  2. So cute! My guess would be Oreos, just because I think that's what Malia would vote for. :)