Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Isaac! (and Happy Angel Day Rachel!)

Wow Isaac! I can't believe you are turning 5 years old. How is it possible that you are already that big! When you were born, the width of your head was barely half the size of my index finger. Now, most people can't tell you were a 23 weeker micro preemie except that you are on the skinny side.

I am so incredibly proud of you my son. You have worked so hard. When you first got assessed over 2 years ago shortly after we arrived in Hong Kong, you were about a year behind in your expressive langauge, fine and gross motor skills. 2 years later, you have not only basically caught up in EVERYTHING, you are ahead in your expressive language skills - my little boy who was almost completely non verbal a little over 2 years ago! (So you are still a little behind in self help skills but putting on shoes on the correct foot and getting a jacket on right can be hard!)

You inspire me. You have such a loving and gentle spirit with a quiet strength that can only be from our Lord. The other day, you told mommy, "Even when things are hard, you have to keep trying." Hasn't that been the understatement of your life! *tears in my eyes* I am so incredibly grateful that Father God let you stay with us despite the incredible odds against you.

I am so humbled that God has seen to it that I would be reminded EVERYDAY of his awesome power, mercy, grace and goodness by seeing you every day. So Happy Birthday my little boy. Please don't ever lose your love for Jesus and the Bible!

And my dear sweet Rachel in heaven. I know you are smiling on us from heaven to see us so blessed by the sacrifices you made. I know you will be having the BEST birthday party in heaven. We love you and miss you so much!


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  1. How amazing ... what an incredible story ... thanks for sharing it with us!